Approve an access request

If you've received an email asking you to permit access to your site for another user then follow steps the below to respond to the request.

By granting access to your site, you permit the user to view and update any information we hold in relation to your site, products, relationships and certifications. This is information that has been entered into the xure service directly, or from standards organisations who use our services such as Red Tractor and LEAF Marque.

Before you proceed please ensure this is a legitimate request from someone associated with your business.  If you require more information on their need for access, please contact the user directly via email. The email address they have registered with xure is listed against their request.

Why you have been contacted

As the primary contact for a site in xure, you are responsible for approving other users' access. To ensure the security of your data we need to obtain your explicit consent.

Even if you've not used xure website before we may have you recorded as the primary contact because you subscribe to our CASI Tracking services, operated in partnership with Red Tractor Assurance.

Approving access

Click the link in the access request email. You'll be asked to log in to the xure website. If you have not been specifically issued a xure username or password then just use your existing LEAF or Red Tractor account.

Even if you don't have the email, if there is an access request waiting for a site for which you are the primary contact you'll see this listed on your Actions page.

A waiting approval request listed on the actions page

Clicking the link will take you to the contact management page for your site. You can also access this from the site overview, by clicking the Site Details icon and switching to the Contacts tab.

Any pending requests are shown in your contacts list with a yellow background.

Contacts listing showing a pending access request

Click the Approve button to accept the request and grant the user access to your site, or Decline to remove the request from your contacts list. If you need more information about the user or their need for access, please contact them directly using the email address quoted in the list.

You will be shown a message after approval confirming the user has been added as a contact for the site.

Contacts listing showing confirmation after approval of an access request

Common questions

Why am I being asked to approve my own access?

We recognise existing users from Red Tractor online services and you may have already have separate user accounts from your use of these services.

Due to new data protection legislation we need to make sure we've obtained your explict consent for access to your data. This will mean you receive an access request when you access xure through two or more of these existing services. Simply approve your access and then you may use either of your usernames (and corresponding password) from these services to access your data in xure.

Can I get someone else to approve access requests?

If you no longer want to be responsible for approving access requests in the future then you can assign someone else to be the primary contact. Read more about access controls for information.