Confirm a trading relationship

When one of your customers sets up a trading relationship with you in xure, you will receive a notification alert email.  This notification alert will give you details of the customer who has set up the relationship and also give you a link to confirm the relationship.

Click on trading relationships to see details of any new the customers who wish to record a trading relationship with you.  These rows will be highlighted and have a status of 'unconfirmed'.  Click on the company name to proceed with the confirmation. 

Displayed will be the details of the trading relationship the customer would like to record.  If the details are correct, click 'Confirm' to confirm the relationship. 

If there is something you would like to query with the customer, click the 'Request Revision' button. This will pop open a message box which you can use to directly contact the primary supplier.  Click ‘Send’ when you have entered your message.

When you confirm the relationship, you will see the status of your relationship change to 'Confirmed' and your customer will receive a notification to let them know the relationship has been confirmed.